What is sheet jointing?

The Flexitallic range of sheet jointing offers a proven global track record of enduring quality. Explore the Flexitallic range of compressed fibre jointing designed for enhanced sealing performance. Sheet jointing is available in a wide range of grades, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your needs. Sheet jointing can be provided in sheets or ready-cut gaskets, and in standard or non-standard dimensions.

Flexitallic sheet jointing products we offer

The Novus™ range is comprehensive in its chemical compatibility and sealing performance. For high temperature applications, explore the Thermiculite® range. We stock the following 5G Sheet materials:

Novus 10 – premium carbon fibre compressed sheet material with nitrile rubber binder systems.

Novus 30 – aramid and inorganic fibre compressed sheet material with a nitrile rubber binder system.

Novus 34 – superior performance aramid/inorganic fibre compressed sheet with special additives with a high quality nitrile rubber binder system.

Novus 45 – quality compressed sheet material with aramid fibres bound with a nitrile rubber.

Novus 49 Graftec – compressed sheet material with high percentage of graphite reinforced with aramid fibres and a small amount of rubber binder.

You can also view the application chart for more information.

We also provide the following products:

Novus 26, 28, 29, 40, 48 (Acid), HDS1

Flexitallic SF1630, SF24/2800, SF3300, SF5001, AF2100

Benefits of Flexitallic compressed fibre jointing

  • Wide range of service applications
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Ability to easily cut and handle product
  • Good bolt torque retention
  • Supply in sheet form or cut gaskets