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Zotefoam produce a range of closed cell, cross-linked block foams. The unique manufacturing process creates a foam that has a consistent cell size and density profile. It is also created without solvents, which results in a low odour and anti-staining properties.

This highly specialist foam has a number of applications, from thermoformed components for the automotive industry to impact absorbing sports equipment. The block foam is created using a four-stage nitrogen expansion manufacturing process.

This unique manufacturing process means that the final product is chemically inert. It causes no reaction when it comes into contact with skin, which means it can be used in applications where skin irritation would be a primary concern.

SJG International is proud to be one of only four Zotefoam suppliers in the UK.

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How is Zotefoam manufactured?

The Zotefoam manufacturing process takes place in four stages.

  • The polymer is mixed and extruded into sheet materials.
  • This material is then cross-linked by high energy irradiation. Cross linking helps to increase the structural integrity of the final product.
  • The sheet is then heated and placed in a high pressure chamber with an atmosphere of pure nitrogen. This allows the nitrogen to combine into the molecular structure of the sheet.
  • The nitrogen-charged sheet is then placed in a normal pressure environment and heated to its softening point and then the air pressure is reduced. This allows the nitrogen to expand, creating a consistent cell size throughout.

Types of Zotefoam materials we offer

We primarily work with Plastazote and Evazote. Other Zotefoam products are available on request.

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