Rubber extrusions and seals are often hidden within systems and equipment but serve a critical role. From creating a watertight seal to protecting from draughts, extrusions are commonplace throughout many industries. The scope for rubber extrusions is wide and diverse, but examples include:

Glazing Systems

Extrusion profile is used to create a critical watertight seal between the system and the glass. As glazing systems become more advanced, focussing on climate control, security and soundproofing, there is a need for more complex and efficient extrusions.


At SJG International, we provide a wide range of supply for the automotive industry in the form of seals, tubes, hosing, extrusion with taping and flock coating. As a 2nd tier automotive supplier for companies such as BMW, Jaguar, Toyota and Nissan, we are highly experienced in rubber extrusion for the automotive industry.

Coach, Bus & Rail

Extrusion within the window system, lighting system and flooring compartments. Dual hardness extrusion allows for a rigid profile with flexible lips or hinges. This ensures that extrusions can be installed quickly and will provide a hardwearing seal.


Rubber extrusion is most commonly used in door and window systems, in cladding partitions, in curtain walling and within drainage and piping systems. In the construction industry, the priority is always on industry standards. That is why we manufacture to national and international standards of quality, safety and performance.