SJG International is a company founded on innovation. We actively push the boundaries of gasket manufacturing, searching for new materials and bold new approaches to the design and production of gaskets. We work with a range of non-metallic materials to achieve the desired results.

With a low minimum order value, we can help you to choose the right materials for your needs through out prototyping and design services. We’ll help you to determine which material to use, the thickness of the material, the inner and outer diameters and the pitch circle diameter. Learn more about our manufacturing processes below.


Moulded gaskets are used to seal complex geometries. The one piece construction of our picture frame gaskets ensures that the finished gasket offers incredible structural integrity and a high quality seal. The injection moulding process makes it easy to achieve consistent results.

Benefits of moulding

  • Single piece construction.
  • Variety of materials available.
  • Consistent and reliable results.

Press cutting

Our press cutting machines offer fast and reliable results. Nearly all non-metallic gaskets are cut on our CNC controlled, conventional clicker presses. This ensures consistent results for cork, rubber, foam and other non-metallic material gaskets, including Novus 5G Sheeting range, such as Novus 30.

Benefits of press cutting

  • Create shapes up to 3m x 2m ** CHECK **
  • Fast process and large quantity orders.
  • Precision control over the final result.

Kiss cutting

Our high speed kiss cutting machines are suitable for producing die cut gaskets with backing sheets for easy storage and application. The kiss cutting machine results in less waste and can be used for limited runs or prototyping to ensure the ideal end result.

Benefits of kiss cutting

  • Retains self adhesive backing sheet.
  • Suitable for prototyping.
  • No minimum order value.

Water jet cutting

For larger and more detailed gaskets, water jet cutting might be required. Using a powerful jet of water, this kind of precision cutting can cut any shape or dimension for materials up to 3m x 2m in size. This method is particularly useful for small runs, including prototyping.

Benefits of Water jet cutting

  • Precise to 0.13mm ** CHECK**
  • Negates the need for tooling.
  • Efficient and high speed.