Solid, sponge and dual profile extrusion

SJG are capable of extruding using a wide range of polymers to cover both sponge and solid profiles. We produce vulcanised rubber extrusions for a range of industries. Extrusions can be up to 280mm wide and made from solid or sponge rubber depending on requirements.

We produce single and twin polymer rubber extrusions allowing for complex and diverse applications. We can also produce materials in a range of colours and complex profiles depending on requirements.

Solid Rubber Extrusion

Examples of solid rubber extrusion include EPDM, neoprenes and nitriles. These solid rubber extrusions are available in a range of colours to meet customers requirements and specifications.

Sponge Rubber Extrusion

At SJG International, we have the capacity and ability to extrude both higher and low density sponge rubber. Sponge rubber extrusions are commonly used in construction and industrial engineering, where flexibility and durability are paramount.

Dual Hardness Extrusion

For more complex applications, we have the capacity to produce profiles of dual hardness, combining the benefits of sponge and solid extrusion in one profile. To create a dual density extrusion, two machines are used to feed separate materials into the same die. This allows for rigid extrusions with flexible lips or hinges between rigid profiles.