Gasket Material

Wide range of materials to suit various applications

A diverse material stock allows us to serve a range of sectors with complex and specific needs. At SJG International, we stock a wide range of materials suitable for gasket manufacturing. As a Flexitallic supplier, we also have the full range of CNAF materials for all applications. We work across a range of industries, including aerospace, marine and military.

Flexitallic supplier

As a partner to Flexitallic we stock a full range of CNAF materials to suit all applications. This range includes the full 5G Novus sheeting range, but also products such as SIGMA and Thermiculite. To find out more about the Flexitallic range, click here or get in touch with our team today.

Prototyping and design

We offer a comprehensive prototyping and design service to help you create gaskets for a range of applications. In addition to the complete Flexitallic CNAF range of materials, other examples of stocked materials include a wide range of corks, gasket papers, rubbers and more.

With extensive experience across a range of industries, our design team can assist you throughout the process. Please call us on 01789 763721 or email with your requirement.