In laminated glass manufacturing, creating a perfect seal between the glass elements and the PVB film is essential. For small production runs, a vacuum bag might be used, but in more complex applications, vacuum rings offer the perfect solution.

When creating safety glass with gaps for heated elements or antenna, a vacuum ring is the only way to remove air and complete the manufacturing process. Our vacuum rings are ideal for large scale production for irregular shaped and contoured glass.

To ensure a precise product profile for safety glass manufacturing, we start with your product drawings. This allows us to create a perfect fit every time. Our vacuum rings are built for ease of use and with longevity in mind.

We can create simple vacuum rings with air extraction tubes or straight and corner joints as required. Our corner joints are moulded to the silicone or EPDM profile to ensure the perfect fit, even with a right angle glass profile.

Silicone FLA426

This high quality, low residue material is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food and beverage industries. It is designed to withstand extremes of temperature, corona, radiation and steam. The smooth finish ensures that it resists adhesion during the manufacturing process. This ensures that minimal residue is left on the glass.

EPDM Rubber

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber that can be used in a wide range of applications. It has outstanding ozone and weather resistance properties. It’s also resistant to polar substances and steam, making it incredibly versatile. Similarly, it offers excellent electrical insulation. Like Silicone FLA426, EPDM rubber is a low-residue material, but it will typically perform fewer production cycles.

Sectors we supply


Our vacuum rings are used by Tier 1 automotive glass manufacturers around the world. We are capable of continuous production of high volumes of custom vacuum rings which are bespoke to each application.

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