With such a versatile product, there are so many possible applications

Our foam engineering and conversion service is ideal for a range of industries. As an industry leader for foam conversion, we have been involved in the design and development of foam for a range of applications. Below you will find a few examples of industries we have worked with to provide bespoke solutions.

Packaging, Design & Promotional

Specialist foam packaging is used to transport expensive or fragile goods. Using a screen printing process, we can also create unique promotional packaging which will further enhance your brand.

Custom Trays and Inserts

Our foam is commonly used to create custom trays and inserts for specialist equipment. The unique properties of foam ensures it can be used for sensitive equipment, such as that in the industrial engineering or military settings.

Shadow Boards

Foam shadow boards can be colour coded for tool control and housekeeping, increasing efficiency while also providing protection for expensive tools and equipment.

Ready to create your foam product?

Our expert design team can help at every stage in the process, from creating the design template to selecting the right materials for your project. Get in touch today to find out how we can help. Please contact us on 01789 763721 or email with your requirement.