SJG produce bespoke extrusions to specific customer requirements

Material (Compound)

  • Unvulcanised compounds are formulated to customers’ requirements

Manufacturing Process

  • Compound – Arrives formulated to customers’ requirements in strip form and ready to be feed into and extruder.
  • Extruder – Has a heated screw that both masticates and heats the compound up under pressure in the chamber before being formed by the die.
  • Die – The die is made to customers’ requirements, it will shape the compound to the desired profile before vulcanization.
  • Vulcanization – The profile is cured via a salt bath where the temperature is between 170 – 260 oC, ready for end of line requirements.
  • End of line – The profile will either be cut or coiled to customer requirements, additional it could require additional processes via our in house conversion processes.
  • Conversion – The profile could be moulded, cut, drilled, taped or lubricated to any requirements specified.