Foam conversion is the process of cutting and shaping foam to different sizes. With many different processes available, we will help you to choose the right processes for your needs. We are an established company with experience creating foam products with strict parameters.

From creating the foam dummies which are used in Navy training rescue missions, to creating foam inserts for luxury packaging, we have the knowledge, expertise and capacity to fulfil all foam orders. From a single prototype to high volume repeat orders, trust SJG International to deliver consistent and high-quality results.


Our two CNC twin-head routers can cut two dimensional foam inserts with impeccable precision. The result is a beautifully clean edge for safe and hard-wearing packaging. Routing is controlled by CAD software which allows us to create intricate shapes. This process is suitable for single item or high volume production.

Benefits of routing

  • Cost effective for single items or large volume orders
  • Precision results every time
  • Create intricate shapes to protect, cushion and insulate

Water jet cutting

For foam sheets that are too thick to go through the press cutter, we can use water jet cutting to achieve precise results. This process uses a powerful jet of water and can be used on materials up to 3m x 2m in size. It is precise to 0.13mm and can cut to any shape or dimension creating narrow slots to much deeper levels.

Benefits of water jet cutting

  • Leaves no radius in the corners
  • No heat process protects the foam
  • Eliminates airborne dust and fumes

Press cutting

Press cutting ensures consistent and reliable results. We can offer a range of press cutting methods that use CNC controlled and conventional clicker presses. We can create any shape up to 3m x 2m in size.

Benefits of press cutting

  • Consistent and reliable results
  • Single prototype or large volume orders
  • Produces less waste

Kiss cutting

High speed kiss cutting enables us to create 2D shapes with a self-adhesive backing. The kiss cutting machines can create die cut gaskets, leaving the backing sheet intact. This process is commonly used for creating components for automotive, aviation and industrial engineering applications.

Benefits of kiss cutting

  • Precision results every time
  • Maintains the backing sheet for easy transport and storage
  • Available in rolls or sheets