What is Thermiculite?

For critical service and corrosive environments, Thermiculite is the seal of choice. The versatility of the patented Thermiculite product makes it suitable for a range of industries and applications. We supply Thermiculite solutions to the petrochemical, fertiliser, OEM and oil and gas industries, to name a few. This remarkable product range is rated to withstand temperatures of over 1000°C and is API 607 tested.

Flexitallic Thermiculite products we offer

Thermiculite is built to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments. The unique formation of this product means that it can be offered as a sheet material, as a filler for spiral wound gaskets, as a facing from Kammprofiles and also in many of the product lines from Flexitallic.

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Flexitallic Thermiculite products

Discover the primary range of Flexitallic Thermiculite products we offer below or get in touch to find out more:

  • 700 – 800 series – Sheet grade
  • 866 – Specialist grade (SOFC)
  • 896 – Aerospace
  • Kammprofiles
  • Spiral Wound gaskets
  • Static and Dynamic packings
  • I-Flex Isolation Kits
  • Flange rescue Gaskets

Benefits of Flexitallic Thermiculite

Engineered and manufactured in the UK

Fire Safe (API 6FB)

Wide temperature range

Cryogenic to 1000°C

TA Luft approved

Wide availability of styles of gaskets