What are Flexitallic hose?

Industrial hose and bellows assemblies are typically used for chemical, steam, utility and FDA transfer duties. Alongside Flexitallic, we can consult on difficult applications and provide compliance testing.

The Flexitallic range of industrial hose are suitable for a number of applications, including chemical, hydrocarbon, hygienic and general industry. Hose materials include composite, rubber, PTFE, steel and rubber, stainless steel and more.

The hose are incredible versatile with a range of end fittings which can be supplied loose or fitted. The Flexitallic range of hose are also compatible with popular brands such as Novaflex, Amnitec, Aflex Hose and AlfaGomma.

Flexitallic Hose Styles

Flexitallic hose are available in a range of styles, including:

  • Convoluted stainless steel
  • Convoluted PTFE
  • Hygienic rubber and PTFE
  • Polypropylene and PTFE lined composite
  • Rubber lined
  • PVC and plastics
  • Bellows
  • Flexible Connectors

Flexitallic hose products we offer:

Benefits of Flexitallic hoses

  • Pressure testing for insurance, legal and health and safety compliance
  • S/St unique identification tagging
  • Wide range of end fittings supplied loose or fitted
  • Technical support available