Dual Hardness Extrusions Case Study

Assisting with a project where a range of co-extrusion were extrusion were required for a client as a result of ingress of flood water.

SJG have the ability to produce ‘dual hardness’ extrusion from various materials. The key benefit of dual hardness (or co-extrusion) is being able to manufacture and create a combination of materials in one profile i.e. sponge & solid.

There are numerous applications where this type of extrusion is required.

SJG are increasingly working with clients who require this type of profile, the applications have large scope, most recently working with a client in flood prevention.

The client required a number of dual hardness extrusions to fit to flood prevention equipment. We worked with the original drawing design, then moved to concept drawings with our design team and CAD, we then created the tooling utilising our in house tool room, moved through to initial samples, some small modification of the die, then client sign off and through to bilk production.